Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The most dangerous people

"For me to live is Christ & to die is gain"
Philippians 1:21
Have you ever met the eternal optimist who never lets anything get to them. They don't just look at the glass half full- they look at an empty glass like it is over flowing. No matter what anyone does to them they look at the good in everything.

Our pastor is preaching a series on Philippians & it is my favorite book in the Bible. I love how no matter what happened to Paul he was always rejoicing. His joy wasn't based on his circumstances but on his relationship with Jesus. Next to Jesus Paul suffered more than anyone in the New Testament. He was ship wrecked, beaten, left for dead & inprisoned multiple times. But Paul found reasons to rejoice even in these horrible times.

Paul reminds me of the professional wrestler who is being beaten to a pulp but just when you think he is out he finds new strength & wins the match. People who live wreckless Christian lives are dangerous! No matter what you do to them they win. Paul said if he dies he wins cause he gets to go to heaven & see Jesus. But if he stays he wins cause he gets to preach Jesus! No matter what happens he wins! That is the most dangerous person in the world!


  1. Gotta agree with you on this. The enemy is not concerned about the person who keeps his faith hidden. He is leary of one who shows the power of the Spirit lives in him.