Thursday, March 20, 2014

Even The Phelps need God's Love & Grace

Fred Phelps, the patriarch of Westboro Baptist Church and the God Hates_______ crew has passed away.  Phelps and his clan spread hate all across our country.  I admit they made me mad. That was until I actually met his daughter Shirley Phelps-Roper in 2006.  I had an opportunity to interview her on YouTube and the video went viral.  You can watch it here.

After meeting Shirley, I wasn't angry anymore, I was sad.  I was sad that she had been brought up in such a hate filled family.  I was sad that her son was sitting next to her while she spouted her hate in my microphone.  I wonder if Shirley or Fred have ever felt "GRACE?"

I don't condone or give any excuse for the horrible protests that the Westboro clan has participated in over the years.  There is no telling how much hate they have displayed.  I can't imagine how much hurt they heaped on families who are grieving the death of a loved one.

But no matter how bad they have acted, even the Westboro folks are in need of God's love and Grace! I'm sure there will be lots of people "Protesting" Fred Phelps funeral.  I think that is a shame.  I wish I could be there and have a love fest for the Phelps family.  I wonder what kind of impact it would have if people actually held up "God is Love" or "God loves The Phelps" or "God Loves Westboro?" I'm sure there will be people who disagree with me but I think Jesus would have displayed love towards them.  He would have asked them to turn from their sins but He would have loved them.  I think we should too.

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  1. The Phelps clan, like all fundies, is quick to blast others for their sins, but never say a word about their own. To be fair, they do have a point when they claim that God hates people whom he tips into his eternal barbecue. You don't love people when you intend them to suffer for eternity, do you?