Tuesday, November 18, 2014

What's with the attacks on Contemporary Worship?

Recently I have seen more and more posts on social media about how Contemporary Worship has ruined the church.  Well, maybe they haven't gone that far but I don't get all of the attacks.  I remember getting criticized for the 7-11 songs we implimented at one of the churches I led.  Some complained that it was 7 words song 11 times.  I just Taylor Swift'd it. (Shake it off) Now I read articles saying that contemporary worship has led to fewer people singing.  Really?  What churches are these people attending?  Our church not only has people singing, but they are almost shouting the songs out every service.  Another complaint is that people don't know the songs.  But at our church they sing songs that are played on Christian Radio.  Not only that but they post the song list every week so people can download the songs on itunes.  Unchurched people wouldn't know old hymns anymore than they would know a new Christian song.  I think many of the people who complain just want their own personal preference.  If we truly wanted to reach a lost & dying world we would do anything short of sin to reach them.

I don't think worship has anything to do with styles of worship but the condition of our hearts & the Spiritual condition of the church.  If the church & our hearts are dead, then the worship will be dead.  Our church just built a chapel & is going to offer a "Traditional Venue" for those who prefer that type of music.  I say bravo!  A church that truly cares about people will find ways to reach people where they are and bring them to where God wants them to be.

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